DNSSEC Outage: 2021-09-30

Date: September 30, 2021


This page gives some details on the partial DNSSEC outage on September 30, 2021.


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Slack blog

Slack acknowledged this DNSSEC outage on their blog, noting it was a partial outage that lasted 24 hours and that it "was the third unsuccessful attempt to enable DNSSEC on"


The outage was discussed on Twitter. Among other tweets:

"If I'm reading this right, Slack's DNS admins may have caused a sitewide outage; they apparently enabled DNSSEC (DS + keys), then disabled (pulling DS + keys), but the DS is cached and DNSSEC-aware resolvers freak out when they can't find the keys."Thomas H. Ptacek (@tqbf) dnssec outage september 30, 2021

"Slack tried to enable DNSSEC, and then tried to revert, taking their zone down. This one is fixable! Use a resolver that doesn't break for DNSSEC! is a good one. It also comes in DoH!"Filippo Valsorda (@FiloSottile) dnssec outage september 30, 2021