.xn--rvc1e0am3e TLD DNSSEC Outage: 2020-01-02

Start Date: January 1, 2020


This page gives some details on the .xn--rvc1e0am3e TLD DNSSEC outage on January 2, 2020. This is an IDN TLD.

Timeline / DNSViz

DNSViz was in the midst of a year-long outage of historical archives, but there ARE copies thanks to archive.is.

Here's a screenshot due to DNSViz unreliability:

January 2, 2020 .xn--rvc1e0am3e TLD DNSSEC outage

DNSSEC Debugger

Here's a screenshot of my web browser's output from January 2, 2020:

January 2, 2020 .xn--rvc1e0am3e TLD DNSSEC outage

There's an archive of the DNSSEC Debugger output provided by archive.is.



dns.google.com is related to but seperate from Google Public DNS. During this DNSSEC outage, dns.google.com showed the following for xn--rvc1e0am3e:

January 2, 2020 xn--rvc1e0am3e DNSSEC outage, dns.google.com

This outage was archived by archive.is.