time.nist.gov DNSSEC Outage: 2019-07-31 to 2019-08-01

Date: August 1, 2019


This page gives some details on the time.nist.gov DNSSEC outage from July 31 to August 1, 2019. It was not the first DNSSEC outage for time.nist.gov. This one lasted a whole day.

Timeline / DNSViz

DNSViz historical archives have been down for months at the time of this writing.

I contend that DNSSEC makes its users and advocates numb to outages, which creeps into and degrades their other work.

Here's a screenshot of DNSViz output, since dnsviz.net appears to be abandoned:

August 1, 2019 glb.nist.gov dnssec outage, shown by dnsviz.net

DNSSEC Debugger

Verisign's DNSSEC Debugger doesn't archive results, so here's a screenshot of my web browser's output from July 31, 2019:

July 31, 2019 glb.nist.gov DNSSEC outage



dns.google.com is related to but separate from Google Public DNS. During this DNSSEC outage, dns.google.com showed the following for glb.nist.gov:

August 1, 2019 dns.google.com output for glb.nist.gov

This data is also saved by archive.org.

Logfile examples