.is (Iceland) DNSSEC Outage: 20160125

Updated: January 25, 2016


This page gives some details on the .is (Iceland) TLD DNSSEC outage on January 25, 2016. The outage was confirmed through unbound logs, a DNSViz report, and ISNIC itself.

Timeline / DNSViz

This outage disrupted service to domains under is, which otherwise seemed okay (at least according to DNSViz). So DNSViz didn't catch it at is, but it did archive a google.is DNSSEC outage that is clearly taking place within is. The specific outage shown by DNSViz (bogus DNSKEY) matches the error messages in my logs (unknown keys), thus confirming the outage.


ISNIC, the .is registry, has the twitter account @isnic. It reported: "A temporary DNSSEC problem at ISNIC was solved about 10 min. ago - sorry."

Logfile examples