PQCrypto Usage & Deployment

Updated: August 9, 2018

Here's a list of software that incorporate PQCrypto (post-quantum cryptography), that is, cryptography resistant to attack from quantum computers.

Note on QKD: Quantum Key Distribution, an unrelated technology, is probably snake oil. It will not be discussed here.

Background information


libpqcrypto is a new cryptographic software library produced by the PQCRYPTO project, that includes software for 77 cryptographic systems (50 signature systems and 27 encryption systems) from 19 of the 22 PQCRYPTO submissions.

Symmetric / secret-key cryptography

Grover's algorithm will reduce symmetric cipher security by a square root. So against a quantum computer running Grover's algorithm, AES-256 will provide a comfortable security level of 2^128. However, AES-128 will only provide a security level of 2^64, which will render it broken. (Keep in mind that attackers are storing ciphertext now for later analysis.) The following ciphers are recommended for long term security against quantum cryptanalysis:

Public-key cryptography

Signatures: SPHINCS-256


Software that combines pre-shared keys with a classical key exchange, e.g. X25519, is worthy of mention.

Help wanted!

See also

The following have not been recommended by the PQCRYPTO Project, but are worthy of further study and experimentation.

Key Exchange: Newhope


Timeline notes

See also this Wikipedia article for further reading.

Post-quantum crypto support coming soon!

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