DNSCurve on Haiku

Date: July 4, 2018

This page is about building and running DNSCurve software on the Haiku operating system. My Haiku laptop runs a nightly image kept up to date with SoftwareUpdater.

Please also see DNSCurve.io for more DNSCurve information.


dq is a command-line DNS lookup tool that supports DNSCurve. It's easy to build and use on Haiku.

    pkgman install wget
    wget https://mojzis.com/software/dq/dq-20161210.tar.gz
    tar zxf dq-20161210.tar.gz
    cd dq-20161210
    echo "-lnetwork" > conf-libs
    echo "/boot/system/non-packaged/bin" > conf-bin
    echo "/boot/system/non-packaged/documentation/man" > conf-man
    cp conf-bin conf-sbin
    make install

That's it! If your resolv.conf is not yet configured, you should also issue:

    echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf

Replace with whatever DNS resolver you prefer.

Run it

Try a query like the one in the screenshot below:

    dq a example.com
    dq -a mx dnscurve.io uz5cjwzs6zndm3gtcgzt1j74d0jrjnkm15wv681w6np9t1wy8s91g3.dnscurve.io

Here's a screenshot of what may be the first DNSCurve query sent from Haiku:

DNSCurve on Haiku via dq